A prayer in color, that's my experience when painting icons

In 1995 I got the need to make icons. Of various sides I got the possibility to learn the craft, but every time I sought an excuse not to do. The monks who lived very withdrawn and allowed to paint icons fasted to get as close as possible to God to come, and so saw my life out. Also, I'm not Catholic, therefore, thought is always "I'm not worthy to be painting to icons". My fascination for icons began at age 6. With a Catholic girlfriend I went secretly to the church. The murals and Maria images in the Church gave me peace and consolation. That feeling is always with me. In 2003 I met a Russian woman, who had given his icon at the Academy in Moscow. She was looking for a location for his icon to give, and by her was my fear of icons to paint removed. My first thoughts were "as our dear Lord sends her to my house, should I stop whining". I suggested my Studio available and have learned how to paint an icon. The base is (preferably old) wood. You start with three layers  to keep in touch with the Trinity. Then another seven layers are made because God created Earth in seven days. These layers consist of chalk, water and glue. The paint is made of natural pigments mixed with egg,  yolk and vinegar. The technique is called ' Tempra '.  Now I'm very grateful that I have been able to learn the craft. The hours when painting icons are a get-together between God, the angels and me…………..