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ILONA SCHMIT, Born September 5th 1943 in Goslar (Germany) with Dutch Nationality.

"I moved to Zeeland in 1973, where I started painting. Before 1973 I worked with ceramic as well as textile objects. I wanted my paintings 'flat', without perspective. I was inspired by my direct neighbourhood: The trees in the garden, my children, my animals and the small houses in Zeeland. Someone told me my paintings were naïve art. I had never heard about naïve art. The same year I was nominated for the Biennale Young Artists in New York, my international career was started.
Since then my paintings are showed at gallery's in Paris, Chicago, Berlin, Brussels, Milan, Zagreb, The Hague and Amsterdam. You can find my paintings in museums worldwide.
Still my direct neighbourhood is my inspiration. My technique changed over the years. I still paint without perspective, but I work with colour-perspective. Next to my naïve paintings I started painting icons some years ago. I'm working for nearly 40 years now, and hopefully I will work the next 40 years as well!"

Ilona's daughter Boukje Heddema is painting as well, please visit her website!

Exposition 2017 - Madrid


'Summer in Zeeland'

I painted "Summer in Zeeland" commissioned. Are you interested in a 'private' painting? Please contact us and ask for the possibilities!

New: 'My First Sheep'

Handmade, filled with Zeeuwse sheep wool. 50% Of the income goes to Foundation 'Geef een mens(je) warmte' www.geefeenmensjewarmte.nl

X Muestra de Arte Naïf Europeo Madrid

Ilona participated with 'Glorious Garden' and 'Picknick with my dolls and bears' in X Muestra de Arte Näif Europeo in Madrid, from march 15th untill may 21st 2013.